Liliana Aufiero

Chief Executive Officer

With more than one hundred years of history, LUPO has accompanied and overcome several situations and structural changes in Brazil and in the world. There were wars, the pandemic, the Internet, changes in the Brazilian government system, the Brazilian currency, changes in the form of communication, habits and fashion, among so many other changes that have intrinsically altered our daily lives. We’ve seen basic business concepts and principles change in name, but not in essence: the form has been changed.

In the current scenario we find the word SUSTAINABILITY, which has its origin and values ​​based on ethics, passion, leadership, excellence, entrepreneurship, and, allied to the global vision, integrity and socio-environmental responsibility. These values have been rooted in the Company since its foundation and are part of our DNA. Strengthening the relationship with employees, suppliers, clients, consumers, and society has always been one of our goals, continuously seeking innovation and ethics in business, and intelligently promoting a balance among economic, social, and environmental perspectives.

Corporate Governance

Lupo is a professionally managed and family-owned company that only does – always has done – business guided by ethics and within the provisions of Brazilian laws and regulations, and in accordance with its bylaws.

Management has already taken important steps towards improving its management with regard to internal processes and controls, and uniformity and transparency in information disclosure. We highlight the implementation of SAP ERP in year 2013; and, in 2021, the revision of the bylaws, the development of internal policies and management body regulations, the creation of our Investor Relations area, and the registration of Lupo as category A at CVM – Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission.

Click here to download our 2022 Code of Corporate Governance.



Management is aware of the importance and value of maintaining a healthy, balanced, and easy relationship with all stakeholders. Regarding the company’s employees, more specifically (i) 78% of the approximately 9,000 employees are women (data from Dec/21); (ii) the average contract time is high – about 6 years and 6 months – and we have several employees who are from the same family; (iii) we have career development programs, apprenticeships, internships, and partnerships with local organizations for employment and training; (iv) the Company offers fringe benefits beyond those determined by Law, such as health insurance and daycare; and (v) we have hotline protocols in place, to inhibit and refute undesirable behavior.

We are working on increasing diversity in our employee base, in terms of color, gender and age, including in the Company’s management.



The company continuously invests, tests, and updates processes to improve its sustainability in the environmental area. At the moment, we highlight the objectives of: (i) reducing the use of packaging made of paperboard; (ii) reducing water and energy consumption in the production process; and (iii) recycling waste that would otherwise be discarded.

Click here to download the 2023 Sustainability Report.

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