Our Brands


A benchmark brand in the Brazilian textile industry. It has been recognized for its high-quality, functional and innovative products in the market for more than 100 years. With a wide and diversified portfolio composed of socks, underwear, pajamas and beachwear, Lupo serves men, women and children, always betting on technology, comfort and design.

Lupo Sport

A sports clothing brand focused on male and female audiences. With the purpose of encouraging “an active lifestyle,” the competitive edge of Lupo Sport’s clothes are comfort, innovation, quality, beauty and versatility. The pieces of clothing have a unique design, trendy colors and are meant to be worn both when playing sports and performing day-to-day activities. Lupo Sport’s vast product portfolio includes T-shirts/tank tops, vests, jackets, overalls, pants, bermuda shorts, shorts, swimwear, bathing suits/rompers, and accessories.


Is a brand with practical and comfortable products, which favor elasticity, optimum ventilation, and freedom to move, especially for women to wear on a daily basis. With seasonal and varied collections, there are product lines such as lingerie, socks, pantyhose, shapewear, sportswear and pajamas, as well as underwear for men and children.


Scala is a modern women's clothing brand, focused on quality, lightness and comfort. It offers a wide variety of pieces, with soft texture and refreshing colors, which contribute to building a versatile and very stylish closet. With 6 to 8 collections per year, its product line covers (i) underwear, including seamless lingerie, panties, bras, and bodysuits, ranging from comfortable everyday clothing to more sophisticated and sensual pieces; (ii) outwear and pajamas, including blouses, skirts and tank tops, are versatile, comfortable and made with high-quality and durable fabric; (iii) shapewear, including comfortable and practical body shapers; (iv) fitness clothing, including leggings, shorts and crop tops; and (v) socks and pantyhose.
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